Establish a GPRS connection


I am new to wireless communication so please help me in getting starting.
I want to interface my wavecom GSM modem M1306B with pic microcontroller.
I want to implement vehicle tracking system so i want to establish a GPRS connection.
I have received data from GPS and now want to send this data from microcontroller to GSM modem serially and create a TCP connection.
Please tell me can i do this by simply sending AT commands from microcontroller to M1306B serially.
may i need to implement a PPP link in microcontroller or something like that.



You can do it - but whether you will find it “simple” is an entirely different matter!

Are you familiar with implementing serial comms and using AT commands?

It might be easier to manage the GSM/GPRS stuff with an Open-AT application within the modem, and just have a simple serial link between the modem and the PIC.
Or even do the whole lot in the modem - obviating the need for the PIC!

You could do that - then your PIC application could be entirely generic, and not dependent on Wavecom at all.

Or your could use WIPSoft, which gives you an embedded TCP/IP Stack within the modem, and releive your PIC of that burden.

Or do the whole lot in the modem!



The 1306B is now an obsolete product - and doesn’t support any of the nice add-ons available to the newer fastrack series.

I would seriously look at getting a Fastrack Supreme with the GPS IESM add-on board to get you started. The Fastrack modem can be run directly off a vehicle battery, and the CPU on board has more processing power than you will require. You can program the modem either in C (using OpenAT), or LUA (a scripting language).

Just my 2cents.

ciao, Dave


I hear that the Supreme is soon to be obsolete…


Thanks awneil and davidc for your support!

i am familiar with serial communication but i hav’nt AT commands before.

ok it mean i have to built an application within the modem and establish a serial link betwenn modem and PIC and then i can send and receive data on PIC.
AM i right???
please explain me how can i build an Open AT application?

then how can i send GPS data,i need a controller for sending GPS data and interfacing sensors etc for performing different controls over vehicle.

i want to avoid building a heavy application within PIC,i just want PIC to send and receive data mean collect data from GPS and send it to GSM/GPRS modem and receive response from modem.

i have a 1306B modem can i use this?if not plz suggest me some suitable modem for my project.

thanks again i hope you people will help me in starting my project.