GPRS automatic connection in Wavecom Fastrack M1203B


We have Wavecom Fastrack M1203B modems with us. We used them for dialup (over GSM) communications previously. However with recent changes we need to program them to communicate over GPRS. Our requirement is that modem should be able to connect to a server (say x.x.x.x) automatically and send data (here modem will act as a GPRS client). We need a little assistance on followings,

  1. is it possible to configure a IP address (server side IP) in this type of modem over firmware. Or is it possible to do this in other way (AT command etc…)
  2. is it possible to program the modem to auto connect with the server in case of communication failures (for instance in case of modem power down and up again) :neutral_face:

Please advice on this



The M1203B modems are now quite deprecated.

As I recall, they didn’t have any high level GPRS AT commands built in - although they would operate as a GPRS/PPP dial-up modem if being driven from an external device such as a computer. However, I dimly recall that I needed to get a special firmware from the distributor to support this mode.

Talk you your distributor and see if they have the equivalent of the WIPAT command application for the M1303B… If it’s sitting in someone’s archive, you should be able to use AT commands to perform a GPRS connection.

Otherwise, you’re looking at an upgrade to the FXT009 or better…

ciao, Dave