Fastrack m1306_b

Hello forum,
This is my first post in the forum and I would like say ‘‘hi’’ to everyone.
I am using first time products of WAVECOM-SIERRA.I have a FASTRACK M1306_B and I would like to send mail via GPRS using AT commands.
How I can do it??
Is it nessery to have the WIPSoft application installed & running in my device?

Please give me some help
Thanks in advance
Nikos G

For your purpose you can use WIPSOFT AT commands.
Yes it is necessary to have the WIPSoft application installed & running on your device.For more infomation regarding this you can refer to the WIPAT_Commands_User_Guide.pdf.

You do realise that this has been obsolete for several years, don’t you?

It was superceded by the Fastrack Supreme, which has, itself, now been superceded by the Fastrack XTend.

Therefore, you may have some trouble finding the appropriate tools, documentation, etc:

It is not necessary, but it is sufficient.

Instead of WIPSoft, you could just use the device as a “dumb” modem, and implement the TCP/IP stack and mail protocols in an external application. This is how, for example, a PC uses a modem…

For example, this post contains links about doing this with the LwIP stack:

Just to clarify that LwIP is an open-source TCP/IP stack:
it has nothing to do with Wavecom, SiWi, or WIP.