How connect to internet with Fastrack M1306?



I have a wheather station and i have a modem M1306 for comunicated to station via gsm, but now i want my modem connected to internet forever with gprs for i get data of station and send this data to my website.

Its possibel with Fastrack M1306?

I use hyperterminal and commands AT.

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Hi snoke,
Fastrack M1306 support GPRS cl.10, so you can make send data from the weather station to you server via gprs connection. If you do not want to use OpenAT to develop your appl, just use AT command with hyperterminal, so you can download the wipsoft to the modem and following the guide to make the gprs connection. You can get the wipsoft from the distributor.



Thanks for replay.
I want download the wipsoft but i search in the google and i don’t know what is a distributer the wipsoft… you can send me a link for download the last version the wipsoft?

I have another question, this modem its possible configure for estableshing a connection to internet via gprs forever? and he get a data file a weather station and send this data to ftp for my webserver?

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Thanks a lot!!


It’s a company that sells & supports Wavecom products.

Find your local Distriubtor here:

Radio links are never 100% reliable - to you must design for breaks in service!

Do you want to create an application within the Fastrack, so that the Fastrack does this, or do you just want to use the Fastrack as a “dumb” modem - and have the “intelligence” external to it?


Thanks a lot for replay,

Now i have a whather station and i want use a Fastrack M1306 for send a data log of station for my webserver.
I don’t know the best way to do that… If is possible create a min app (crontab) and install in Fastrack M1306.

The application just to send the data by the station to my FTP server. How can I do that?


Just create an small application using the computer(OpenAT Software ) and download that created sotware to module using Hyper terminal (send file). If you can write a code then you might now how to download the application to module.


harsha thanks for replay,

where i can download a OpenAT Software?
If I want to write code, which language to use? I have only experience with PHP, Javascript, Actionscript … language web…

To do this it is necessary write code? It will be possible only with AT commands?

Thanks for your help!!


Yes, of course it’s possible - but what will send those AT commands…?


Basically what I need is that the modem in X in X minutes send via FTP to a server log file of the station.

How best to do I do that?


If you need the modem to do it autonomously then, clearly, you must have the application within the modem!

With Wavecom, you have 2 choices:

  • The “classic” Open-AT - using the ANSI ‘C’ programming language;
  • Open AT with the Lua scripting language

You really should be speaking to your Distributor about this!

Your distributor will be able to show you the options, and you will be able to discuss your requirement face-to-face - and in your own language!