PLEASE I need your help

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I need your help because I feel that I’m lost with my modem.
I want to explain the situation:
1- This is the first time I deal with modems, but I need it in my senior project and I don’t know any thing about modems.
2- The modem must send data (received from a GPS) to the server, so the modem is the client.
3- I made the internet connection through GPRS using the modem.
4- I read all the topics in the forum that are related to what I want to do but I didn’t understand exactly what should I do and from where should I start.
5- I understood that I need to use OPEN AT commands and to install application for those commands, but I didn’t know from where I can install this application (I have an account in wavecom developer forum but I didn’t find my modem in the products) (I have M1306B modem)
I really hope that you can help me
thank you

You can find your modem in section Products and then almost at the bottom of the site is link to “Obsolete products”. You can find there everything related to your FASTRACK M1306B. Download then OpenAT application and start writing your own applications. You can use examples at the beginning. I am preaty sure that there is one showing how to establish GPRS connection.