Any help please....


I have a fastrack supreme 10 and i need to build an application on it. I have downloaded the Open AT Software suite from wavecom website but it comes with no help as to how to code c++ programs for the wavecom modem.i have c++ knowledge but im lost as to how to code c++ specific to the modem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


did you take a look at the samples you can choose from when creating a new project?


Before anything else, have you asked your Distributor for assistance?

You need to read the ADL User Guide - this is the document that defines the API.

As already mentioned, you should also look at the supplied samples.

Note that both the User Guide and the Samples use ANSI ‘C’ - not C++

C++ can, I believe, be done - but it will require some work on your part…


hmm yes im looking through the ADL user guide,

so if im coding in m2m, i write my programs in C???

after coding, can i compile it into a dwl file and download it to my fastrack straight away?


As I said, It is possible to use C++ - search the forum for details.



Hy everybody…

I have a big problem!
I have to develop an C# application for my Fastrack Suprem 20 Modem.
I want just to open an serial communication between my application and the modem and use AT commands.
My problem is:

  • I use the USB interface of my modem and I cannot communicate with the modem
  • I send commands and nothing response, but if I restart my application I receive the result of the former sended commands!!!

Please help!!!