I'm new...Please Some Advices!

Hello guys,

As the topic says, i’m new to all this stuff…i`m more a plc programmer than an embedded systems one. Now i work for a company in researching and development area of industrial communications. I need to start learning about using Wavecom products in industry. I now have an Fastrack Supreme 10 modem and i need to learn to program it.

Where do I start from? I have a lot of documentation but i’m confused…i don’t know what to read first. I need for the beginning to learn how to control the serial port of this device : receiving data and responding to it ( for example : if i send “1” to the terminal than the device needs to respond with “2”). But first i need to clear what this device is all about, what is it’s hardware configuration an so on.

So…anyone willing to give me some advices? …

Thanks in advance!

Are you a competent ‘C’ programmer?

If you are not already a competent ‘C’ programmer, then that really must be your first step!

You really should be talking to your Distributor about this - they will be able to advise you about support & training opportunities.

They may also be able to recommend a local consultant…

Get the Distributor in, and get them to show you & explain it to you - that’s their job!

Isn’t that what you’d do if you were considering evaluating some new PLC…?

I did some C++ programming, but i’m not an advance programmer, for example haven’t did so many applications involving C++ oop. I graduated last year the university studies so i’m not an experienced person but i’m motivated to learn. Until know i only worked with PLCs as i stated and Vijeo Citect interface programming in a language called CiCode.

I have the basics in programming, no so much oop though. But as i said in the previous message i will start with small applications. Also i already started to remember C++, and enter in the oop world.

thanks for your reply…i also waiting for other replys…

Note that the Open-AT tools as supplied, and all the examples and documentation, are ‘C’ - not C++

While it is true that it is possible to write Open-AT application in C++, you will be very much in the minority if you do!
That isn’t generally where you want to be as a novice…

I would very much recommend that you first spend time gaining experience in ‘C’
Trying to learn ‘C’ and the peculiarities of embedded development in general and the peculiarities of Open-AT development in particular all at once is rather much to tackle together!