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Hi all…

I have wavecom fastrack M1306B-Q2403A /WM15841.
ATI3 result:
641b09gg.Q2403A 1320676 061804 14:38

I want to use this modem as tcp client. The modem is connected to a Data Collector Unit (DCU). So I can read DCU data from my PC via internet (TCP/IP protocol).

Is it possible just using AT Command?

I have read “AT Commands User Guide for wavecomm IP V5.01” and i try, but almost command reply ERROR.



Did you miss this bit (emphasis added):

Did you try AT+CMEE=1 to get more detailed error codes?

I see, so my modem didn’t have this wipsoft. How to download this wipsoft?
I’m new in Open AT application. Any suggestion how do i start?



Almost certainly - to be sure, check with your supplier!

When buying products like this, it really is important to discuss your requirements in detail with the supplier before parting with your cash!

Whoever sold you the modem should also be able to provide this

Get your supplier to support you with a n introductory demo or tutorial, or whatever!

Again, when selecting products like this, a really important part of the selection process is to ensure that your supplier will be able to adequately support you!

Thanks for the reply…

Is it possible to upgrade the firmware so it can support WIPSoft?

I try M2M studio and try to download but always failed.

I also try with DWL Win and download firmware file for archive of wavecomm website.
How to configure RESET pin and BOOT pin when download the firmware using DWL WIN?

Or I mus buy new modem ? :cry:

The firmware supports WIPSoft - it’s just a matter of loading WIPSoft!

Rather than just trying random stuff, why don’t you talk to your supplier ?! :unamused: