Howto Enable Open AT Plugin

Hi, wavecom community

I just buy hardware Wavecome serie M1206B Fastrack and is lable WISMO Within, and I only get Serial Cable, power Supplie, my question:
. 1. how do I can activate the facility Open AT , so that I can read data from Metering Digital and sending to my Server, by using GPRS Enable.

  1. How do i can Enable open AT Plugins like TCP/IP & Internet

I hope get nice ansewer from Wavecom Community

Thanks very much

Rule 1: always be sure that you know what you’re buying before you part with your cash!

That is a very old unit!

It probably supports only an early version of Open-AT - certainly not with TCP/IP or internet plug-ins.


Sorry about my wrong information, wavecom that i have is WAVECOM Fastrack M1306B Wismo within, CE0536, is this same old version?, Does it support Open AT with TCP/IP Plugin?


No, that’s quite recent - it’s the immediate predecessor of the Fastrack Supreme

It’s in the “Obsolete Products” section of the Products page

Yes - Open-AT v3.x and associated WIP Plugin.

Downloads available on the Products page.

Note that some of the “advanced” Internet features are paid-for options - check with AT+WCFM=5