How to set M1306B to always send data to a fixed IP address?

Hi everyone,

I need some help to set my M1306B (connected to a remote device, like a thermometer) to always send data it receives to another M1306B (on a host PC with a program running, listening for data coming in from a defined port).
The SIM cards I’m using is on an APN, so I have the IP addresses that is associated with each SIM card.

Thank you for your assistance.

Will you be using the Fastracks just as “dumb” modems, and controlling them with AT commands, or do you need to write an Open-AT application?

What do you mean by that?

To use GPRS, you have no choice but to go via an APN!

(actually, the “APN” is just a name - it identifies your gateway between the GSM/GPRS network and the external packet network; eg, the internet)

That doesn’t follow at all!

The APN is quite separate from the IP address of your SIM!

Do you mean that you are using some service that gives the SIM a fixed, public IP address?

Hi awneil,
My knowledge is limited to simple AT commands, and do not know how to use Open AT application.

The IP addresses on the SIM cards I got are private IP addresses.
I would like to connect a device that usually communicate to a PC program via cable through the COM port of a PC.

As I am locating the device (e.g. a digital thermometer) at a remote location, I am connecting the wavecom modem to my remote device. This remote device would send data every 5 mins. So I thought that if I can set the wavecom modem to point towards a IP address, I would be able to receive the data at my PC which would have another wavecom modem.