Mutula communication of Two GSM/GPRS module

I need to communicate beween two GSM/GPRS modem, want to send data through GPRS connection from one module to another using AT-command with two seperate Desktop`s Hyperterminal.
The set-up; i required have been attached with teh mail. Plz go through it.

I have inserted two different sim card with GPRS enabled in each wavecom module.
Both sim card don`t have any Static I.P., they have Dynamic I.p. assigned by GSM-service provider.
So plz guide me, what AT command flow i should use to communicate with one-another.


Remember that GPRS is a Packet network - so you can’t type directly between 2 hyperterminals.

As you are using 2 PCs, the easiect way will be to set up a Dialup Networking link via the modems.

See any Windows documentation for how to set up Windows Dialup Networking.

You will need to ensure that the IP addresses of your SIMs are either Public IP addresses, or that your service provider guarantees that each SIM will always be able to “see” the other SIM’s IP address…


You will also require a method of letting each modem know the current IP address of the other - a dynamic IP address (public or private) is likely to change EVERY time you attach to the network. DynDNS is one service that I have used to this - there are others are around.

ciao, Dave

If you use the dialup networking approach, then its the PCs that need to know this - not the modems.