Migrating GSM data calls to GPRS


I have a remote device with a GSM modem. From a PC with another GSM modem, I make a data call to that device, and exchange data in real time (commands, alarms, logs, …).


snd: ATDxxxxxxx                 // connecting remote device...
rcv: CONNECT 9600             // connected!
snd: SET OUT 1 ON              // command: activate OUT1
rcv: SET OUT 1 ON OK         // acknowledgement: OUT1 ON
snd:+++                            // finishing call...
snd: ATH                            // finish call
rcv: OK

My questions are:

  1. How in GPRS can I emulate this behaviour? Real time is a must.
    • Socket TCP/UDP? Client or server? Or both are possible?
    • Telnet?
  2. IP address in GPRS is dynamic, isn’t it?
    • How can I reach the device if I am not able to know that IP?
    • The mobile bearer has a service like this?
      “What’s the IP associated a this mobile telephone number”
  3. A little off topic, I know…
    • Is it possible to make a GSM data call from a VoIP handset (transmitting data, not voice, obviously)?

Thanks in advance for your kind attention.


I am sorry if I mistook the place to post. Please let me know the right place.

Not necessarily.
It depends on your specific service subscription…

In that case, you need the device to initiate the connection.
Or you could do something like having an SMS trigger the connection…

There are many service providers offering very many options!

See above - depends on the service you have.