Help me please!Tranfer data via GPRS!

Hi everybody! Help me , Please!!!
I have a GPRS/GSM modem Q24 Plus(OpenAT OS 3.12.05 ; WIP 2.00.12 ; Firmware version 657_) and Q2686(OpenAT OS V4.11 ; WIP 2.00.15 ; Firmware version C61b)

Now,The first: I want to transfer data from Q24 plus to Q2686 (and return) via GPRS.Help me to step by step,please!!!

The second: if now,I digitize my voice data, may I tranfer my voice data via GPRS?if possible,what must I do?help me to step by step,please!!!
Thanks so much!

1- is your “!” key stuck? Abuse of exclamation marks, uppercases etc. don’t cause any sympathy, it merely annoys your readers, and deters them from interacting with you.

2- as I understand it (between your !!!s), you’ve got no clue how to do your job, don’t even bother to explain what you tried, what you read, how your attempts failed etc. If you just want us to do your homework, it’s only fair that you send us your paycheck in return.

So if you expect to get help from the forum, the very minimum you can do is:

  • write in a normal way, not like a toddler performing a tantrum

  • read the doc you received with the SDK, the WIP samples etc.

  • actually try to do your job

  • ask us for help, if you require any, on precise points. “Please do my job for free” won’t cut it.

1-I’m sorry,I will learn from experience.

2-because i’m newbie with OPEN AT,so I ask like that.The problem that I am getting stuck in is :if I send data by GSM,I only send a phone number I know,and send by GPRS it concerns with IP,According to sending data to a mobile phone in GSM, I have to send data to a IP(How to know the IP which is linked to the phone number we need to dial),because I have not known much about GPRS so I have some stupy questions,please do’nt laugh at me.
Thank so much!

I take it that you are also a newbie to IP networking in general, and its application to GPRS in particular?

I think you need to spend some time studying the underlying technologies (IP and GPRS) before moving on to the specifics of Open-AT.

You might like to take a look at this tutorial on IP networking: … tation.htm

Unless you have specifically requested and paid for it, there will almost certainly not be an IP address permanently and exclusively assigned to the SIM.

Also, the IP address that is assigned (dynamically), will almost certainly be a Private address - unless, again, you have specifically requested and paid for a public address.

See: … hlight=pay

And: … ht=private