Help me to tranfer data via GPRS,please!

Hi everybody! Help me , Please!!!
I have a GPRS/GSM modem Q24 Plus(OpenAT OS 3.12.05 ; WIP 2.00.12 ; Firmware version 657_) and Q2686(OpenAT OS V4.11 ; WIP 2.00.15 ; Firmware version C61b)

Now,The first: I want to transfer data from Q24 plus to Q2686 (and return) via GPRS.Help me to step by step,please!!!

The second: if now,I digitize my voice data, may I tranfer my voice data via GPRS?if possible,what must I do?help me to step by step,please!!!
Thanks so much!

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oh!I’m sorry!Can You help me closed this Topic?or Delete it?Thanks somuch!