Need Help for Data Transfer using Q24 Plus Wireless GSM Mode


My Application: I want to transfer data (wireless) from a Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Agilent make) to a Desktop computer.

In order to perform the above application, I recently purchased two Wavecom Q24 Plus based GSM modem (Make: Also I purchased 2 Postpaid SIM connections with GPRS/MMS option (service provider, BSNL). I don’t have any prior experience in using GSM modem. Hence I contacted my GSM modem supplier (visiontek) for help, they said I have to get the Data Call number from the GSM service provider (BSNL). Also they said (visiontek) it is not possible to transfer Data using the number provided by BSNL, because it is a Voice Call number. In order to get a Data call number I called BSNL customer support and requested them to provide me Data call numbers for each SIM connection. To my surprise BSNL customer supporter said there is nothing called Data call number.

Is it really required for Data call number to transfer data from a Digital Storage Oscilloscope to a Desktop computer?
I am completely confused?

I kindly request you friends to give me a better solution for my above mentioned application.


Depends on what side the modem is.
I suppose the modem is on the scope side out in the field.
Then you only have an outgoing transfer for witch, if initiated bij the module, you normally wouldn’t need to know any number.

Hi Madouc,

Thank you for your kind reply. I am interested to transfer the scope data only. Therefore I connected one GSM wireless modem to the scope via RS 232 port and the other GSM wireless modem to the desktop computer. Up to this I understand clearly.
Now I want to transfer the captured scope data to the desktop computer via GSM wireless Modem. How to initiate the data transfer from scope to desktop computer.
Please help me. I don’t have any prior experience using GSM wireless modem. I know some basic AT commands only.

Remember that the scope neither knows nor cares that you are using a modem - GSM or otherwise.

The scope just has some facility to send stuff to its serial port - it is completely irrelevant to the scope what is connected to that port!

Therefore, once the GSM data link is established, you just need to mimic exactly the same procedure that you would use if the scope were directly connected to the PC with a cable…

I would drop the gsm modem on the pc side if you can. All you would need is an internet connection with a fixed ip addres.
That way you won’t need a data-service-plan with a fixed ip addres.

You still need a mechanism to let the modem dail-in to the network, establish a connection to the pc and start feeding the data from the scope to the pc.

Note that it doesn’t need to be a GSM modem at the PC - you can establish a dial-up data call between a normal, analogue PSTN modem and the GSM modem.

The advantage of a dial-in data call originated from the PC is that it requires absolutely no intelligence whatsoever at the called end…

ah, ok (didn’t know that)
i imagine that you would need the mentioned “Data call number” for that

I presume that it’d depend on your subscribed service, but the ones I’ve used all have separate numbers for receiving voice & data calls…