How to send data

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I am developing hardware unit using Q24 wavecom module and one microcontroller.I have to send data from GSM modem through data call. Microcontroller provides data to wavecom module on UART1 (Tx pin).

Now my question is

  1. can I send AT commnad & data directly from microcontroller unit without programming the wavecom module
  2. do I need to programm wavecom module to generate a data call & then send the data.

In second case how does wavecom module know that data is arrived on tx pin and now collect it & initiate a data call & send it.

What are the steps to do above things.

Your help will be appreciated.

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Yes, you can use it just as a “dumb” modem - just like any other modem.

You don’t need to - but it might be easier

You create an application to do that - in just the same that you would create an application on your microcontroller so that it “knows” when data arrives at its UART input, and reacts accordingly

The usual steps:

  1. Download & install the SDK;
  2. Study the documentation;
  3. Follow the tutorial, check out the examples, discuss with the support staff of your distributor
  4. Design your application
  5. Code, test, etc…

Depends on you want to transmit the data via CSD or GPRS.

For CSD, just dialup data call (make sure your SIM card has subscribed the data service) to the far end like typical line modem. When call is answered by the far end, handshaked, you can use the modem as a transparent data channel to send whatever data your want.

For GPRS, you need to dialup and make TCP/UDP socket to the server. Then you can send packet data through the channel. Check the WIP library for details.

Thanks for your reply .

One more question, when controller is ready to send data on UART1 of GSM module then how gsm module knows that that data is arrived on UART1.
onece data is arrived I have to make a data call. so which API I use to make a data call. In case I use fcm service.

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Have you actually followed the steps I suggested to you?

In particular, the first three:

You really need to do those first three first - so that any further suggestions you may receive on this forum will make sense to you!