How to send data


Hello All,

I am using wavecom Q2686 module and is interfaced with another controller. I am sending AT command from controller to wavecom module. Now I want to send near about 10kb of data to another modem which is connected to PC. I am using CSD data call.
Now my question is is there any protocol or special AT command to send such amount of data using CSD data call. I am geting problem here.
Because after establishing a data call and CONNECT response I am sending the data to other modem but many times data not received correctly at receive end. All operation such as sending AT command and data are controlled by my controller.

Please suggest some solution.
Your help will be appreciated.
Thanks and Regards


A CSD call like that is effectively no different to a call via a “normal” PSTN (landline) modem; so just use something like XMODEM - as you would on any other modem link.