Can query signal quality in data mode?


In Wavecom module, can it query the signal quality in data mode? I suggest the customer should send +++ to quit data mode and enter into AT mode, then send at+csq to query it. but the customer think it has some problems when transmisting gprs data. the customer want to query the sinal quality offten.

I also suggest that use the second serial port, but the customer H/W is designed compelte.

I suggest that they use Mux protocol, but I think it is difficulty for they to use it.

besides above, is it another mothod to complete the function as the title?

There’s a couple of strategies you could adopt:

  1. Implement your own AT commands to make the connections and send the data - so the modem always appears to be in “command mode”.
  1. Generate and capture the CSQs within the firmware…

…then spit the results out on the serial port surrounded by control codes…I do not know whether this would actually work.

What does this mean? If I use the specificated AT command to connect gprs, and send the data, why it is in “command mode”? and then can receive AT command? I can’t understand.

I think this is a good ideal, some other modules have this function, but I think Wavecom modules don’t implement it. do you konw how to implement it in Wavecom module? Thx