Data call


I am developing an hardware which uses wavecom Q24 series module to send data from remote location to server.
Now the problem is I am unable to established (CSD) data call.
For testing purpose I am using two sony ericsson(w550) mobile having SIM cards with data number facility on each and connected via hyperterminal to two different PC. I then dialed the data number using AT command ( ATD). But response is “No carrier”. I am using proper AT command on both side.
The SIM provider said data number is activated.

So my question is where I am doing wrong?
Can I make (CSD) data call between two mobile?
Is there any settings required on mobile to established data call?

Your help will be appreciated.
Thanking you

For most mobile operators, data (CSD) call is an optional service; you may need to pay extra for subscription. Contact your operator for details.

For your test you can enter command AT+CEER just after you get “No carrier” response, then check the meaning or the error code in AT command manual




Many thanks for your reply.

My problem is solved and now I am able to make a data call and can transfer the data.
The problem was in SIM as the SIM provider was not activated the data number.

Thanks and Regards