Difficulty making data calls

I’ve been given two Erco&Gener GenPro 20e modems.

I am fairly new to working with gsm modems and hyperterminal, but I have learned to configure each modem via hyperterminal and a RS-232 port. I would like to establish a data call between the two modems, but I haven’t been able to receive the “Connect 9600” response. I can send/receive SMS between the two which indicates some communication but I’m not sure why I can’t make a data call. I verified with the service provider that 1)both SIMs have a data service 2)modems are in data mode(+cicb+0) and 3) established automatic call response(ATs0+1).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Try AT+CBST command, maybe AT+CBST=71 (depending on provider) on both modems.

Also make use of AT+CMEE=1 and AT+CEER commands.

I tried the +CBST=71 suggestion, but no luck on that one. I previously used +cbst=0,0,1.

When I use atd, the screen returns WIND5:1, NO CARRIER, WIND6:1.

At+CEER command returns ERROR 50.

Any other suggestions.

Failure cause 50: Requested facility not subscribed

You should use CBST setup on both modems. Consult your provider which CBST setup they support. Also AT&W.

CBST is setup on both modems. Do you mean that I should contact my service provider, AT&T to determine which data rate their GSM network supports?

What other reasons could cause a the ERROR 50 to occur?

Thanks for your patience as I come up to speed on this project!

Don’t the words not subscribed suggest anything to you… :question:

eg, see: isdn.modemhelp.net/causecodes/ca … list.shtml

ok, I confirmed with my service provider the correct data speed and APN. Even after setting both modems to the correct CBST values and APNs, I still receive a NO CARRIER response.

Immediately after issuing the atd comand, I issue a +CLCC command which returns the following: +CLCC: 1,0,2,1,0,“n”,129
where n= dialed number

I think you must have been talking at cross purposes - APNs have nothing to do with data calls :exclamation:

Unfortunately, if you were just talking to a consumer customer service line, they probably don’t have a clue what you’re talking about!

Again, the error code you reported means, Not Subscribed - ie, you don’t have the correct type of subscription.

No amount of fiddling with modem settings is going to change that - you need to change or upgrade your subscription to one that does support data calls.

You are correct when you state that customer service does not have a clue - one rep asked me to describe and APN.

I understand that Error 50 indicates that my subscription doesn’t support data calls, yet when I speak with my service provider, they indicate that the SIMs do have data service and I should be able to establish a connection. They state the SIM “profile” indicates I have full functionality(support data calls). My service, AT&T, is giving me conflicting information, hence my confusion. Even when I issue a ATD99**1# command, I receive a Connect 9600, a bunch of random characters, then NO CARRIER. Are the AT&T reps giving me accurate information about SIM data plans, because if they are relaying accurate info - I have no idea why I’m receiving an Error 50.

You are probably talking at cross-purposes: you require, specifically, Circuit-Switched Data (CSD); they are probably using “data” generically, and thinking of IP-based data.

See above - they are probably not using “data call” in any technical sense!

No, they are (almost certainly) not random - that will be raw PPP frames that you’re seeing: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/faq-forum-wiki/3491/9

They are probably doing their best - but just not understanding the question.
They are trained & equipped to deal with average-joe consumers using (smart)phones - not M2M developers.

This is the problem with using a consumer SIM!

You should try talking to your local Distributor - they may have experience with how to get what you want from AT&T.

Your best option would be to go to a proper M2M service provider who will actually know & understand what you’re talking about…

Previous UK experience (2007):


A mild breakthrough has occurred…

I downloaded Discovery Tools and followed its instructions of performing a data call through Network Connections in Control Panel. I dialed 99**1# and I was able to surf the internet very slowly.

So, now that I successfully established a data call within Network Connections(Windows XP), I need to determine why I can’t make a data call within Hyperterminal so I can issue AT commands.

One difference between both methods is the Network Connection UI asks for the APN username & password while I’ve never used that info with Hyperterminal. If someone knows the appropriate command to set that for an FXT009, I appreciate the help if I don’t find it first.

No, you have not established a data call - you have established a TCP/IP session!

Again, what you have established is not a data call :exclamation:

And, again, what you are seeing in Hyperterminal is the raw PPP frames: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/faq-forum-wiki/3491/9

If you want to use Hyperterminal with this TCP/IP connection, you will have to use windows dial-up networking to handle the TCP/IP, and then use Hyperterminal in Telnet mode…

Ahhh - thanks for setting me straight! It’s kinda confusing when Sierra Wireless’ Discovery Tool describes this connection as a data call but I know understand it’s not.

Please forgive my basic questions since this endeavor is new to me - I looked for instructions about using HT in telnet mode which leads to my next question - is the host address found using ipconfig command?