Sending data with GL8200


I’me trying to send data using a GL8200.
Some logs:

AT+KSRAT=1 //We put the modem in 2G mod for the data
ATQ0V1E1S0=0 //Our parameter
ATDxxxxxxxxxx //Send data to the phone number xxxxxxxxxxx

The modem responds NO CARRIER

The thing is it works well with a 2G modem. I’me wondering what is wrong.

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I’me using SIERRA RGL8200 with the version

AT+CEER responds CC setup error",57,“Bearer capability not authorized”

Hi @g.guillien,
Cause 57 = Bearer capability not authorized means that the type of call (data call in your scenario) is not allowed. So you have to ask your service provider the data call is supported or not?
Let feel free to share any concerns you have. If my response answered your question please click the Solutions under my response. This ensures others can benefit from the topic. Thanks in advance for your help with this!

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Hi Vianney, thanks for your quick answer,

Well, yes i used the wrong SIM card. but with the good one, have still NO CARRER and
“CC setup error”,88,“Incompatible destination” as the response of AT+CEER.

Any ideas ?


Hi @g.guillien,
This cause indicates that the device is trying to establish a call which has low layer compatibility, high layer compatibility or other compatibility attributes (eg data rate) which cannot be accommodated. It might be:

  • The number to dial in the connection profile is in wrong format
  • Dialing at the wrong line speed
    For the most mobile operators the data call is optional service. Please contact your operator for ensuring the SIM is activated data
    Please check above and share the result