Hl7800 : Send data in HTTP with AT command


I want to send data with an IoT LTE-M module to a server. I want to send data over HTTP with AT commands. with the LTE-M Pinnacle 100 module from Laird Connectivity that has your chip Sierra Wireless HL7800.

We can connect to our server but we can’t send data. Indeed, the server receives in header “Authorization Basic Og==” which prevents us from sending data while it is not us who put it. We want to deactivate this “Authorization basic”. How can we do ?

We are using AT Commands from : https://www.bipom.com/documents/sierra/AirPrime%20-%20HL78xx%20-%20AT%20Commands%20Interface%20Guide%20-%20Rev11.pdf

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it should be fixed in new FW:


I can’t install the new firmware.

You will find attached what I get.

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strange, do you find problem with other FW to upgrade?


No I didn’t find problem with other FW.

I don’t have the HL78 Development Kit board but I have the The Laird Connectivity Pinnacle™ 100 development kit.
Usually to flash a firmware we used SWD like it is mentionned in this document on page 13 : User Guide - Pinnacle 100 Hosted Mode – AT Interface Loading/Updating | Laird Connectivity

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Did you reset the module when it asks you to reboot module?

Yes we reset the module

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no idea as I don’t see this upgrade issue.
maybe you can use AVMS to update FW.