Need help with ATD

Hi all,
I have to transfer some data form a Q25 wavecom module to another GSM machine via AT commands. No gprs or something else. Only GSM.

As I’m losting throgh documentation, I whould like to know if my approach is correct.

  1. in my wavecom module use the ATD command via adl_atCmdCreate()
  2. send the data using the adl_fcmSendData()

I’ve seen a limitation of the packet size of 120 bytes using adl_fcmSendData().

Questions: Am I looking the right stuff in order to transfer data through GSM commands ? Does something better exist to do what I need ?

ThanX in advance,

For the one interested (if some …), I solved the issue using:

  1. CALL services ( adl_callSubscribe() … )
  2. FCM services ( adl_fcmSubscribe() … )