Question about adl_callSubscribe() and adl_fcmSubscribe()


My application has to transfer some data from a Wavecom q25 to a GSM modem.

To do this I do the following:

// *********
	// 5th step: subscribe to CALL service
	// *********
	Rc = adl_callSubscribe( CallHandler );
	MYDEBUG(( DbgLev, "adl_callSubscribe( ) Rc=%d", Rc ));

	// *********
	// 6th step: subscribe to FCM service
	// *********
	Rc = adl_fcmSubscribe( ADL_FCM_FLOW_GSM_DATA,
							FcmDataHandler );
	MYDEBUG(( DbgLev, "adl_fcmSubscribe( ) Rc=%d", Rc ));
	if ( Rc >= OK )
		pGData->FcmHandle = ( u8 )Rc;
		MYERROR(( "*** adl_main( ) ERROR Rc=%d in adl_fcmSubscribe( ADL_FCM_FLOW_GSM_DATA ) ***", Rc ));

Then via my private AT command I issue an adl_callSetup( ) and I receive following events:

>>> CallHandler( Event=2, Descr=ADL_CALL_EVENT_NEW_ID CallID=1 ) <<<
>>> CallHandler( Event=4, Descr=ADL_CALL_EVENT_ALERTING CallID=0 ) <<<
>>> CallHandler( Event=8, Descr=ADL_CALL_EVENT_SETUP_OK CallID=9600 ) <<<

After the ADL_CALL_EVENT_SETUP_OK, I issue an adl_fcmSendData() in order to tranfer the data.

To terminate the data transfer, I call the adl_callHangup( ).

WHEN A NEW DATA transfer has to take place, I issue again the adl_callSetup(). I still recive the same event BUT when I call the adl_fcmSendData() it returns me OK BUT NO DATA ARE TRANSFERRED.

ANY IDEA on what is going wrong ?

ThanX in advance, Carlo