Sending and Receiving SMS using wavecom GSM MODEM

I am developing an Application where i deal with Sending and Receiving SMS. Till now i tried to interface a mobile phone directly to the receiver end to do so. Recently i came to know that WAVECOM is having there GSM Modems to replace the mobile. I want to know can your GSM MODEM can handle my SMS part in the application. To be more clear can i directly connect a SIM card to GSM MODEM to check with PC initially and Microcontroller later. If so can i know which of your GSM MODEM will better suit my application. Please help me out…

Yes - any GSM modem from any manufacturer can do this, using standard GSM AT Commands.

See: … php?p=5537

In addition, a Wavecom modem allows you to write an application to run within the modem - so that you don’t need an external microcontroller to do this! :smiley:

Ho really, thankyou verymuch for giving me this details…
I need 2 serial and one I2C interface for my application, does wavecom supports this too. If so can you give the details of that chip please.

Take a look at

You should really speak to you local Wavecom distributor about this.

Do you need a self-contained modem, or can you use a module?

A Fastrack Supreme should be able to do this, with the IO plug-in card.

Note that I2C is a serial interface!
I presume you mean two UART-style (asynchronous; V24; RS232) interfaces?

What are your requirements for these interfaces?

Thankyou Awneil, what u persumed is right :slight_smile:
is the AT command set is same as standard nokia or u have different commands…

As with all modems (GSM or otherwise), there is the standard AT Command set, and there are manufacturer-specific commands.

You can ask your distributor for a copy of the Wavecom AT Commands document - this describes both the supported standard commands, and the Wavecom-specific extensions.

All of the standard GSM specifications are available for free download here:

The standard GSM AT Command set is here:

The GSM AT Commands for SMS are here:

Hi, when connecting the wave com modem to PC Com to test the modem with AT Commands, what is the connection settings we should make sure.
is there any level conversion required here?
if so how should i make it?
if not how should i connect it?
Please help me out…

OK, if you need to ask questions at this level, then you need one of the Wavecom Fastrack modems - go back to the link again and look under “Plug & Play Series” … ackSupreme … aresM1306B

When you buy it, be sure to get it with a cable for connecting to a PC.

It will come with a User Manual that will answer your other questions…

Hi, I cant find the cost of the product can i get the information…

And can i get the GSM Module alone seperate…
Can anyone get me with the product info + Cost of that product Please…

You need to speak to your local Wavecom Distributor about that.

You can but, as I said earlier, the questions you are asking here indicate that you are really not ready for that!

I think you really need to start with an “off-the-shelf”, packaged product.
Once you have mastered the basics with that, you could consider all the extra work involved in designing-in a bare module…

What is your level of experience with elelctronic hardware design for RF-based communications?

Again, ask your Distributor.

There is a link on the Wavecom home page to find your local Distributor(s)…