How to receive and send SMS? Wavecom


Hi there,

We recently purchased a Wavecom GPRS 2G MODEM (ATC-W32U-F).

Really struggling to locate some software which will allow us to bulk send SMS as well as receive SMS, as we are using this verify social accounts.

Could anyone recommend any software?

Thanks in advance!



No there is no software that I am aware of that can do it in bulk form, one or two but not a lot in an automated programmable way. Most people who send bulk SMS do it via a commercial SMS provider who will provide a web API to perform this operation although I guess receiving SMS’s would be a problem here?




Thanks Matt, do you know anyway to receive SMS to this modem? We’ve been recommended that this is possible, but can’t find any software anywhere?



The unit (like any pone) will receive SMS’s automatically if it is attached to the network (check with at+creg?). You can set up the notifications that you receive when this happens with the at+cnmi command. You have not quoted the proper name of the unit but I suspect is is from the Q24 series, this is so old now that we no longer have it on the source but the below AT command manual (effectively) has the same command set.,-d-,52

Just as a note we do not have any 3rd party software PC software to manage or work with these units, like with most modems they are intended to be sold to businesses/engineers


Thank you, we’ve tried to download the manual but it doesn’t seem to work.

Are there any drivers that we need to download, as we have tried plugging this into a laptop running windows 8, however, nothing seems to happen.

The name of the unit as as follows…


Is there any video documentation on this?>



The unit you have is probably 10 years old, s a result there is no documentation available from us as we stopped making it probably 4 years ago.

Re your points.

  • Unit does not support USB hence no drivers required, it just uses a serial port.
  • You need to use a terminal program (like teraterm) to talk to the unit through a USB to serial converter (assuming you are running the units on a dev kit).

If the above is beyond you technically then I would suggest that this is probably not the right approach to be taken by you as you would require a more complete solution than Sierra can provide.




Hi Matt,

Thank you for your reply, I have taken a look online and have located an adapter, however, I have just double check the unit and it doesn’t seem to have a serial port, it simply has a USB output.

I have copied an image below to view this…

The laptop did start installing the drivers for this, however, it never completed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: