Help : How to create sms application

Hi all,

I am very very noob in this forum and now I am intending to buy wavecom GPRS modem,
so I wanna know how I can find out an application having ability to send and receive sms using the GPRS modem, is there any application or program used for this ? If no, what programming language and API can be used for developing such application?
All I wanna do is just develop some sms application which can work with wavecom modems, plz help me guys :slight_smile:

Any comment is deeply appreciated.

The usual steps for any such exercise:

  1. Download & install the SDK;
  2. Study the documentation;
  3. Follow the tutorial, check out the examples,[/b] discuss with the support staff of your distributor
  4. Design your application
  5. Code, test, etc…