Hello (world) app


Hello, i’m from Serbia(we also have Wavecom modems :wink: ). I started developing application on q24p and i am new to this stuff. I downloaded PDF command and basic development guides. But none of them do not have some example off app that woks.

Is there some example apps that are described what they do.( Examples from M2M studio just works, no explonations).

my application on one side have programmibile Microcontroler, and my app is used for downloading data to microCPU. How to run it?

sorry for bad writen English, You just need to head my spoken En. :smiley:



Javi se na miodrag.petkovic@rt-rk.com da razmenimo iskustva
Ja isto pocinjem da radim sa Wavecom modemom i imam slicnih problema