Software Development Kit for Wavecom modems


Is there any Software Development Kit for Wavecom modems using which one can develop applications for the Wavecom modem or atleast program it to perform some functions???

Kindly reply…

M2M Studio, you can download it from Products/OpenAT SW Suite/OpenAT IDEs/M2M Studio. You must be registered.

Sorry, if you asked about HW evaluation boards (Starter kits), I know they existed for Q24/26 modems. Talk with your supplier.

Note that you need to download both M2MStudio and the appropriate SDK.

Talk to your Distributor; they will be able to help & advise you - that’s what they’re there for!



Please don’t shout at us.

What modem/module are you using?

Have you registered/Signed into the Wavecom site with a developer login? The Downloads do not appear in the product downloads tab if you are not registered and Signed in. Note that registering for the forum is separate from registering for developer access on the website.

Once you have logged in, go to the Products Tab, select your device and then the Downloads Tab.

Then expand the Open AT Software SuiteSoftware Development KitOfficial Release tree and download the release notes and Software tools from there.

If there are no tools available, then you are either using a (a) very old or (b) very new device. In both cases, you will need to get in contact with your Distributor for more support.

I reiterate, if you are not Signed In to the developers section of the Wavecom Website, you will NOT get access to ANY downloads.

It appears (for the Q2686 module), that the SDK and M2M Studio downloads have been combined in the OpenAT 2.30 download. For other combinations, you will need to download SDK and M2M studio separately.

Ciao, Dave

Actually, I think chandrababu’s frustration is understandable.

The website design is, IMO, very poor and confusing to use.

eg, the obvious place to go to download the Open-AT SDK must be the Open-AT section of the site - surely?!