how to download open at

please please please I want your help.
I want to install the open at aplication, but I didn’t find a download area in the wavecom site.
Would you please help me and give me the direct link that I can download (OPEN AT application) from?
I have the modem (M1306B)


You have to create yourself a developer login at here, then login,and go to the Products page.
Select your device, and then the downloads tab.

All will be revealed once you have logged in…

Note that the developer login is different to the login used on the forum.

ciao, Dave

I have a developer account but I can’t find my device in the products. It is M1306B.

It is under ‘Obsolete Products

I found that I have a developer forum account and not a developer account.
I tried to make a developer account, but I failed in making it.
It says use the same login and when I use same name and same e-mail, it says no the e-mail exists before.
I don’t know how to make this account.
can anybody help me please?

Only Wavecom can help you with this!

If you click on the ‘Developer’ page without a login, the last line on that page says,

So, have you done that?

I also can’t find the SDK for the m1306B, I’ve gone to the point you specified, but there is no SDK…

Please describe precisely where you looked.

Did you click Archives in the top-right of the pane…?

I had the modem (wm20452),
how can go to where down the open at aplication,
could you gave me the direct link to down the SDK?