How to get Open at


How to get Open at
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It’s simple: Call your distributor or Wavecom representative!

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I buy Wavecom at net and call agent ,he told me he known nothing, he is out of the door, so, i want to get Open AT SDK via URL
would you help me? thanks a lot


There is no URL for it… Usually, it comes on a CD. You will need to get it through the regular channels. Maybe you should write an e-mail to Wavecom directly, asking for some other distributor near you. Check the Wavecom main Web site. There should be contact information on it…

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thanks for your reply, i will wirte mail to wavecom, thanks a lot


Actually, I just found the other day that there is a URL! :slight_smile: … OpenATMain

I think this must be quite new (I’ve never seen it before), and it’s only offering Open-AT v2.1 :frowning:

Is Open-AT v2.1 worth getting?


Interesting… And: yes absolutely! It is worth downloading!!

I am using it (actually switched to 2.13 for RoHS compliant 2400A modules), and I think it’s more stable than a lot of the newer versions… So if your module does support it 2.1 is a good choice!

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But its only an evaluation version. I can’ get any information on my wavecom distributer for a full version. I deal with a lot of M1306B Anybody can give a help here. I just want a copy of a recent OpenAT SDK.

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Locate your local distributor - and their contact details - here: