I am a new member and i need information about Open at commands, GPS, GPRS and Q2501.
Can anyone help me because i cant download information from the privileged area of wavecom?

I have an important project and i would like to help me as soon as posible.

Yes! Your friendly local Wavecom distributor can help you with this!

Don’t we all?! :wink:

Before you can even start an Open-AT project, you will need to obtain the Open-AT Software Development Kit (SDK).
This is supplied on a CD, obtainable from your local Wavecom distributor.

I have no idea where can i find the local Wavecom distributor.
How much does Open-AT Software Development Kit (SDK) cost and where can i find it?

Thank you for relpying me.

Look at the blue band across the top of the page (below the 2 guys in hard hats) - there’s a clue up there… :unamused: