Newbie seeking help


I am new to all to using the Wavecom modems and the open at commands. I was wondering if any body has a very straight for example of how to connect up to the internet. I have done it in Hyperterminal but am stuck with converting those commands to Visual C++.
If any body can give me an example or point me in the right direction I would be very very grateful

Many thanks


Hello [color=blue]dalene

Some of the sample projects that comes together with the Open AT distribution are helpful.

The samples together with the documentation combined with some terminal AT-command hacking should get you going in the right direction.

And if you stumble on something particular thats seems strange, then you can always post your troubles in the forum and we’ll do our best to reply.

In the end, there’s no shortcut to get a well designed application up and running, you need to take a deep look in to the documentation :open_mouth: and code until you fingers bleed :wink: