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When i’m downloading Open AT software suite v2.20 or v2.21, there are only two options to choose when downloading: M2MStudio and CMUX. There is no IDE nor OS nor Firmware nor Plugins. How can i solve tis problem ?



M2M studio IS the IDE (and libraries and plugins etc).

ciao, Dave


what about the firmware ? I cannot see the samples in the M2M studie file



Not quite. You also need to download the OpenAT installer as well.

Log in to the developers section of the Wavecom website, select Products, then the product you are working with.

Theb select the Downloads Tab, and expand OpenAT software suite -> Software Development Kit -> Official Release.

The current development version of OpenAT can be downloaded from here. Once installed, you will find all the samples and documentation here.

Sorry about that.

ciao, Dave


On the wavecom website, i chose Fastrack Supreme->Open AT Software Suite-> Software Development Kit -> Official Release->Wavecom Open AT Software Suite v2.21.exe. When i download it, they are only two features to select : M2MStudio and Drivers. There are no plugins nor firmware nor OS. Thatz what i did before i wrote the previous posts



Looks like things have changed between OpenAT 2.20 and 2.21. It doesn’t appear that the old OpenAT is automatically installed anymore.

Here’s how to get at the ADL samples and the Firmware.

  1. Download OpenAT Software Suite 2.21
  2. Run the Executable - this will unpack the contents of the RAR file into a temporary directory and start the Installer
  3. When the installer splash screen opens, click on the Explore the CD option. This will open up a new windows explorer window with a number of directories
  4. The Firmware update files are in the Firmware directory; the ADL samples and doco are in the OS directory; and the plug-ins are in the Plug-ins directory
  5. Simply copy these directories to another place on your hard disk and you should have access to them whenever you require.

Note also that there is an updated version of M2M Studio (1.0.2) available.

Hope this helps.

ciao, Dave


I guess you are wrong… !!!This is an intentional change and this is done because now there is no IDE as such now. M2M studio is used now and hence we specify the path of the SDK zip in M2Mstudio since everything is now integrated with M2M.

The directories and the files previously created under C”\OpenAT(by default) are now created under C:\Workspace folder. We can find all the files in the following folder:-
“C:\workspace.metadata.plugins\com.wavecom.openat.ide.spm.core\” folder.

The Open AT S/W Package files are supposed to be import using the option in the M2M studio i.e File-> Import->M2M Studio->Open AT Software Packages.
The documentation files are found in the metadata dir in the workspace. For example;-

Hope this helps…


paruthiv, thanks a lot you are very very correct. everything is ok now



I stand corrected.

However, it’s not well documented that this is where the documentation and firmware files are now hiding - especially for someone who has been using OpenAT for a while.

ciao, Dave


I agree dave… but i guess a documentation tracker has already been raised for the problem and hopefully we would get a document which would give us the details of the changes with the future releases… :slight_smile:


I have M2M Studio Build Version 1.0.1.v200902271700 and it installed this directory as above “C:\workspace.metadata.plugins\com.wavecom.openat.ide.spm.core\”. When I try to import a package, no packages are ever displayed. What do “package” files look like? Are they .zip’s? I’m assuming I’m supposed to use the “Select Root Directory” option and point to one of the directories but which one? None of them seem to display any packages at all. Any help would be appreciated.