i 'm a new user of M2M studio and i 'd like to get samples to see hoo load a project ,compile, and dowload it on a fastracksuprem ; I 've seen many topics describing sample with old OPEN AT SDK IDE ; I don’t see in the directory of m2m Studio any samples
secoundly open project and close project are not allowed in my M2M Studio ? i can only create a new project but what i wnat to do firstly is to open an existing simple project to see how this IDE runs (Editing source Linking,Compiling and other downloading functions
It wiil be a very ggod thing if anybody can give me link ofr information to begin with this new IDE
Thank you


The samples are now apparently installed as part of the M2M Studio help system.

However, you can still get them out of the Open AT/M2M installer file.

Download the .exe file from Wavecom (you’ve probably already done this), and run the file.

Once the file has been decompressed and the Wavecom front end appears, click on the ‘Explore CD’ option. This will open a new Windows Explorer window pointing to the decompressed image data.

In this window you will see a number of directories - the OS (Open AT ADL) doco and samples are buried under the OS directory; the plugin (WIP, LUA etc) doco and samples are under the Plug-ins directory; and the AT command set doco and firmware files are under the Firmware directory.

Simply copy the desired directories from this window to somewhere on your hard drive. You have to copy them, as when the Wavecom front end is closed, the decompression software will attempt to clean-up (i.e. delete) all the files that were decompressed from the OpenAT .exe file.

Hope this helps.

ciao, Dave

thank you Dave for your answer
When i execute m2m studio installer , i haven’t the explore CD option ; the only question i get is about where i want to install the apllication ant the directory for new project but it’s all …
when i read the help , i have information about how to create a new project but i see nothing about open ean existing project (the option “project open” is disabled and “project close” also??)
the only sources i can explore is in the pluggins directory


No problems.

OK, which version of the dev tools did you download?

I’m using a Q2686, and have downloaded Wavecom OpenAT Software Suite v2.30.exe (which is about 332MB in size, and is available from the Wavecom site under Products->Q2686->Downloads->Open AT Software Suite->Software Development Kit->Official Release).

This package has both M2M Studio, and all the plugins, samples and doco.

ciao, Dave