Problem building downloadable apps using m2m studio

Every available version of the open at sdk for the q24pl modems when used to build application (sample app hello world) will not download into the modem. The same application when downloaded from the sdk’s pre-build bin directory runs fine.

If I understand this correctly, when I select the os, firmware, plug-in for the m2m studio to use, the built files should be no different then when using the old open at ide?

Does the m2m studio not support the q24pl modems some how???

Wavecome, is this meant to be some challenge for you entertainment?

I do want to use the m2m studio, really I do, and I know you are reading this and that someone there has the answers.

PLEASE help me out guys! I am tired, I have work to do, just tell me what to do.

I think Wavecom made a breaking change somewhere between Open-AT SDK v4.24 and Open-AT Software Suite v2.01 (Open-AT OS v6.01) - and/or in the update to v7.1 firmware.


I had a project using the Fastrack M1306B and Open-AT 3.12/3;
When the M1306B was superseded by the Supreme, I also installed the Open-AT SDK v4.24 on the same PC, and could succesfully build & download the project ofr both M1306B and Supreme. :slight_smile:

Then a new project came along, using WMP100 with Open-AT Software Suite v2.01, and I did the update to v7.1 firmware.
I could still build & download Supreme projects but, unfortunately, didn’t try the M1306B. :confused:

Much later, when I had cause to do an M1306B build, I found that it built OK, but wouldn’t download. :angry:
The project would build and download OK on a PC that had never had Open-AT Software Suite v2.01 or Firmware v7.01 - so the problem wasn’t in the project itself and, hence, I think that the Open-AT Software Suite v2.01 and/or Firmware v7.01 update is the cause of the problem.

I did find that the M1306B could be downloaded using the latest version of DWLWin - which makes me think that it’s the download process and/or the download file format that has been “broken”.

It does seem that Wavecom have completely failed to realise the long-term nature of M2M projects - see: viewtopic.php?f=76&t=2169&p=7991&hilit=long+term#p7991

Do you download the .dwl or the .wpb.dwl file from the bin directory?
(the first one is not compressed, the second one is compressed)
M2M Studio produces by default only the compressed version.

I say this because sometimes ago, I had issues to download compressed application on q24 cpu. The workaround was to download the not compressed one.
You can make M2M Studio produces a not compressed dwl file by going to the Project Properties > Open AT application > Build Settings dialog, and choose No compression instead of Zip format in the WPB format parameter.

If this does not help, can you try to download the application built with M2M Studio with another tool and to old method (e.g. HyperTerminal and AT+WDWL)?
This would help to know if it’s a build issue or a download issue with M2M Studio