Error in file when downloading an application to Q24 device

Hi, all.

I have encountered an error when I tried to download a simple “Hello world” application to a Q24 Wireless CPU.
I have created and built “Hello World” project using M2M studio. Now when I try to download and run it in “Target” mode, Q24 gives me “*** ERROR IN FILE " message.
OpenAT OS version is “AT v03.12”, firmware version is “657d09gm.Q24CL001”. Application is built using an appropriate SDK version (otherwise I would get "
ERROR IN HEADER ***” message).

Can someone tell me if I am doing anything wrong?

Here is the output that I get when I try to run the application:

+WDWL: V02.1C
+WOPEN: 2,"AT  v03.12"
+WDWL: 0

Are you sure that M2M Studio is compatible with Open-AT v3.12?

M2M Studio is the latest thing, released only this month; Open-AT v3.12 is over 2 years old…

Thank you for fast reply, awneil.
No, actually I am not sure at all if M2M can be used to write programs for Open AT 312.
At this moment I have Open AT OS Package v along with package installed. The reason why I used the oldest package is that the new package contains 7.3.0 firmware pack, while my Q24 runs 6.5.7. Should I download “Wavecom Open AT SDK v3.21” and import this package into M2M studio? Does it contain an appropriate version of firmare, or, maybe, there is an option to upgrade Q24’s firmware to the latest one?

Hi noim,

did you solve your problem? I get the same error trying to download the hellow world sample app built with the m2m studio using sdk v3.21.

i can download an old dwl file build with open at ide, which tells me it should not be an issue with firmware versions in the modems.

any help would be much appreciated!!!

Wavelet, yes, the problem is solved. I have installed Open AT SDK v 3.21. Then I have updated the bootloader to the version 02.1F and the firmware to the version 657g00gm.
Having this done I tried to run HW in target mode again, and it worked just fine. Probabliy, you should too update your Q24’s firmware and bootloader.

noim, thanks for the reply.

now where do i find the 2.1f versioned bootloader?

Open AT SDK 3.21 contains Bootloader and firmware update. Start M2M studio, open “Target Management Perspective”, and connect to your Q24. Next, press “Refresh Target Info Tree” button in the “Target Info” pane. After that you can right-click at “Bootloader” or “Firmware” node and pick “Update” menu item (which is the only option available, though).

thanks again for the information noim, but which is the file is the bootloader?

dwl.dwl or w.dwl?

Well… I don’t know, actually. M2M didn’t ask me to choose any files. It just offered a combo box with a list of available bootloader updates, so I can’t say which exact file was downloaded to my Q24. I have never used any older tools to work with wavecom devices, so I can’t help you here. Sorry.

you must note that the m2m studio is the development operating system of Q26 and wmp
it is not fit Q24