Q26 with Sierra_Wireless_Software_Suite_v2-35 has problem

I am a new guy using OpenAT. Nowadays, I am using a development kit Q26 with Q2686G. But when I use m2m studio’s helloworld sample, after compile and download, I can not see “hello world” from the uart1.

The version about m2m studio: “Sierra_Wireless_Software_Suite_v2-35_Full_Installer.exe”
The target status panel content is as flowing:

general information
Embedded Module: Q26 (Q2686G)
serial number: 709150180781405
IMEI number: 359983001555584
Local port: NULL – here is warning, report is that impossible to detect local port(no answer to AT+WDM=2)

Open AT application
State: running
Name: null
Company: null
Version: null
Size: null --here is warning, report is that size of openatAppBinary detection failed
Build data: null
Checksum: null
Start address: null
Components: Open AT OS Package v06.02

Matching package: Null --warning: The detected firmware version (R71b00gg) cannot be found in installed package
Version: R71b00gg
Size: 2076944 bytes
Build date: 072408 15:49
Checksum: null – warning: checksum of firmwareBinary detection failed
Start address: null

Version: V08b03
size: NULL
Build date: null
checksum: null
start address: null

First, I am afraid that the key is the firmwave’s version problem, then I use the tools in the m2m studio’s target status panel to download new Firmware Package, But the downloading continued about half an hour without end.

then, I turned to download new bootload to the embedded core using m2m studio tool in target status panel.
but at the end of download process, an error ocurred, the info is as following
“An error occured during downloading of C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\Embedded Software\com.wavecom.openat.ide.spm.fw.model.\resources\swift\dwl.dwl”

Whether the bootload, firmware and open AT os verision are not compatible.

Now I am confused, anybody who can help me, thanks very much.

Hello all:

  Now I get the Q2686G to develop application using latest m2m studio--"Sierra_Wireless_Software_Suite_v2-35_Full_Installer.exe", but after I downloaded the "hellworld " sample to the Q2686, nothing happen on the terminate.

Module :: Q2686G.
The firmware version is ::R71b00gg
Application OS :: v06.02
Boot loader version :: V08b03

for detail, refer to [url]https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/q2686g-can-not-be-downloaded-application/5015/1]
whether the m2m’s version is not compatible to the module’s firmware? How can I resolve this question?

There is a specific upgrade procedure to go from R71 to R7.45 firmware, which is not managed by Developer Studio.
You should contact your distributor to grab the procedure and the necessary files to handle it.

All the more reason why you should spend time talking to your Distributor about your requirements!