re:writing code for wavecom processor


hi ,
i am kiran very new to the wmp100 processor how to program for this can any body assist me in writing the code for different modules… such as making a call,how to communicate with gprs device etc…


[i]Hii Kiran…

M sure you can find the relavent information in the sample applications which are provided with the SDK … try to use that along with user guides and m sure u’ll b able to do it quite easily… :smiley:
enjoy… :laughing: [/i]


hi parthiv

thanq u for ur reply but can u give any sample programs with multiple thread or single thread

cheers kiran


There’s a whole bunch of samples included with your SDK!

Wavecom can be perverse at times, but this time it’s perfectly straightforward: just look for the folders named, appropriately enough, “samples” :unamused: