Application Download or running problem with Q2686 module

Hi Guys,
i m new to Open AT & wavecom products.actually i designed a hardware with wavecom Q2686 module.with UART1 AT commands are working fine.when i downloaded the file through Open AT suite its says download complete.but the application was not running not at all…i tried with simple “Hello World” application only but that also not working.but in Open AT suite Target Info says the application was running but nothing was coming out of the UART1 except that it responds to my AT commands .whats going on?i really can`t understand guys…please help me…i used the BOOT pin also…but no improvement…please guys help me what i m doing wrong???

any one is there???

Hi there,

I have the same problem, did you ever find a solution?

I bet, it will return 0
This means your app is not started.
To start, run AT+WOPEN=1

This will reboot the modem and put it into mode that runs user (yours) app.