Downloading OpenAT Application in Q2406B


Hi freinds,

i written one application for Q2406B and now wanted to run in module in ruy time.
uptil now i was running in Target monitoring tool i.e. in debug mode.

and now i need to download in module and want to run.
so needs some help.

in my project folder-> GCC->
there are two .dwl file are generated 1) myapp.wpb.dwl 2) myapp.dwl
which one file is to be download.

and other q is can i use XMODEM (through Hyper Terminal) to download.


Hi umeshw,

-> You can download either .dwl or .wpb.dwl file (wpb.dwl is compressed file of .dwl).

-> Of course you can download by Hyperterminal (Xmodem or 1K Xmodem).


thanks trthaithong

one more q is that
after downloading my application sucessfully i need to use AT+WOPEN=1 ok
q is if module is restarted, automatically application starts running or i need to give again AT+WOPEN=1 command


if u dont mind one more q is

i written application for Q2406B with OS 3.13.02, will same application run for Q24 plus series


Yes, it does.

It’d be pretty useless if it didn’t, wouldn’t it?!


thanks awneil,

yes u r write.


Hi freinds,

i stuck in downloading application in Module.

I used Target Monitoring Tool’s “Download” option to download
OpenAT application.

but i think my module now being hanged.

It continously restarting and sending “+WIND:13” on port
and not accepting any AT command.

I used myapp.dwl file to download and not myapp.wpb.dwl
no doubt with written application its working fine.

please help me



I think you must download firmware to fix this problem. You can get it from Distributor and download with DWLwin program. Next time, you should download appl by hyperterminal, it is faster.


thanks for ur reply


Hypoterminal will only be faster if you select 1K-XMODEM.

The TMT download is so slow because Wavecom have used 128-byte XMODEM! :angry:

See: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=1987&p=7399&hilit=tmt+SLOW#p7399

Now why would they do a dumb thing like that?! :unamused: