Which dwl files are required and what order to install them

Currently updating some Q2686H modules that have OpenAT 4.00 internal and external libraries on (V6.60 firmware), to use 4.10 internal and 4.11 external (V6.61g firmware).

Have successfully used the DWLWin utility with some files supplied by Wavecom and the .wpb version of the app file generated by the compiler, but would like to be able to do the same using the xmodem downloads.

If I look in the OpenAT firmware folder (C:\OpenAT\Firmware\C61b) there is a dwl.dwl file, a C61b_q2686h.dwl file and a w.dwl file. I know the first is the downloader and obviously needs installing before the second which is the firmware, but what is the w.dwl file? Is it needed and when should it be installed? When I did install it I noticed that it reset the command line baud rate back to its default value but don’t know what else it did.

Is there any Wavecom literature that explains the xmodem method in more detail?