Firmware upgrade document?


It was recommended by my FAE to upgrade the firmware on my Q2687 module to match the version of Open AT we want to use.

This is the current version:

+WOPEN: 2,“AT v04.20”,"AT "

663b10gg.Q2687H 1957768 121807 15:30

I’ve downloaded the Open AT v4.24d release, and that has a firmware directory with several .dwl files. However, there don’t seem to be any instructions on how to actually upgrade the firmware.

I’ve searched the Wavecom website and forum, and I’ve seen a couple posts mention things like first downloading a new download program (the dwl.dwl file?) and then downloading the board specific firmware. Is this the 663b10_full_q2687h_W11.dwl file? Are these the same version already?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

James Graves

Hi James

I’ve experienced the same. In many cases wavecom does not provide Firmware Release Notes to explain all the different files available in your download. Furthermore you would need DwlWin files in some situations, rather than the xmodem files, for your upgrade but apparently they are only provided by your local distributor.

Well, don’t know if it helps but recently I upgraded my Q2686 from (openAT 4.24/firmware 6.63) to (openAT 4.25 with firmware v.6.63c) and I used the 663c00_full_q2686h_W11.dwl. First download dwl.dwl file to match for the correct downloader. I would believe you can do the same.


Hi Palsson,

I did find the firmware download instructions, they are in this file:


Which is on the 2687 OpenAT section.