Where can I find 6.63 dwl firmware?


I have a problem when updating a q2686h from 6.63 to 7.1 firmware (*** ERROR IN HEADER ***). Now ati3 command returns an error.

I would like to rollback to the 6.63 firmware. And I don’t find it in the product web site…

Where can I find the dwl_port and the 6.63.dwl for Q2686H ?


Wavecom Open AT SDK v4.27a.exe in the archives contains the 6.63f00 firmware

Did you try to use DwlWin?


Did you follow the upgrade instructions in the R7.1a Release Notes? There are a number of system changes between R6.xx & R7.xx - including a new bootloader. Wavecom do not recommend using the XMODEM method for upgrading from R6 to R7.

The same release notes (Section 5.2.2) also indicate that a downgrade is not possible.

Try re-flashing your module using DWLWin.

ciao, Dave


I try it with the firmware 6.63 and I’ve got the same problem.

I can not try DWLwin because boot signal is OFF in our PCB… I need to weld it.


Not helpful now, I know, but there’s a lesson for the future: always provide access to the BOOT signal!

TH signal is accessible but not weld :slight_smile:


Can you take the module off your custon PCB and drop it into your dev kit? Should only be four solder joints to unsolder to do that.

Then you can get access to the boot pin.

ciao, Dave