Open AT v2.01 Firmware v7.1


Does anyone know if this is also for fastrack supreme 20? At least the release note says that it’s for WMP100/Q2686/Q2687 wireless microprocessors.



AFAIK we have to wait for some upgrade files. R70 which is a beta release works well on Fastrack Supreme so R7.1 should also be available. I’m afraid the X-modem and DOTA upgrade ( even from R70) may not be possible which makes a real problem for me because I have some devices in-field with R70 hoping for an DOTA upgrage to full release.



How did you upgrade your fastrack supreme? I got DwlWin tool from the distributor but there was no option for fastrack supreme. I couldn’t even upgrade to R70.



Fastrack Supreme is based on Q2687, so you can use Q2686/Q2687 option. As for me I use AutoDetect and it works ok. To enter the BOOT mode I do the following:

  1. Start the downlad in DWLWIN
  2. Power cycle or reset Fastrack Supreme while the boot pin od the D-SUB connector is grounded throu 1k resistor (you have to do it in a few seconds or DWLWIN will timeout trying to communicate with FS)
  3. Download starts

I use DWLWIN I’ve used older version of DWLWIN with FS successfully, but It didn’t manage to downlad R70 to the modem.



Thanks for info.
I just have a quick question.
Do I need to hook the boot pin to the resistor before hooking up the cable to PC? That’s what it sounds like… And then start DwlWin tool with the cable from PC to FS20?



I’ve made a cable myself, so in my case there is a wire from boot pin ended with a resistor. To use DWLWIN I do the following (more detailed):

  1. Connect the cable between modem and PC with power cable disconnected
  2. Start DWLWIN download process
  3. Make contact between the free and of the resistor and the ground on the modem’s chasis
  4. Plug in the power cable

The difference between older modems and FS is that M1306B stays in a boot mode until reset. With the FS it necessary to ground the boot pin while DWLWIN is running and the PC cable is connected, because the boot mode will timeout in about half a second if the transfer won’t start.



Thanks for detailed info. I’ll try that methond soon.



I guess I’m missing something here… This is my first try upgrading the firmware…
When selecting working directory for DwlWin tool, I set that to openAT/firmware/R71_00, where all .dwl files are. However, DwlWin Tool doesn’t see any of those files on the windows and I can’t select them. However, I downloaded OpenAT2.0Activation archive and it has some .wbp and .e2p files. Which one should I use? I thought I have to download fsu002.dwl for fastrack supreme 20. Do I need to download .wbp and .e2p first then download .dwl with at+wdwl command using hyperterminal?



You need to download the files listed below (all at once):


After that you will be able to use Hyperterminal and X-modem protocol to download application compiled for R70 with Open AT 2 beta 9(AT+WDWL command)
You won’t be able to use Open AT 2.01 with R71 firmware. For 2.01 there is no DWLWIN firmware published for developers yet and X-modem download of R71 doesn’t work.



One last question.
After downloading activation, pro-dwl, w.e2p, and fsu002.e2p, do I also need to download firmware (.dwl file) to wavecom before downloading the application?
I wonder what those .dwl files are if they are not used along with eeprom upgrade. Is it the OS or OS runs off the eeprom?



No, the firmware is already in the files mentioned above. Firmware files in the firmware directory of OpenAT are to be used with AT+WDWL command which in case of upgrade to R70/R71 doesnt work.



I’ve got 3 FS20s working. Thank you jacfry.
However, for the rest of FS20s, I get this error message from DWLWIN.
“Boot failure: unknown baseband or unexpected answer received
Cannot boot up the remote target : auto detection failed.”
Anyone has any idea on this problem?



Good morning guys,

Right. Firstly, there is a .wpk file available fo the Q26 based products. (Ask your disti) This means for the Q2686, Q2687, Fastrack Supreme 10 & Fastrack Supreme 20. Both for G and H memory models.
Sceondly, from what I’ve been informed, the .dwl files that are included in the OASiS 2.01 installation are faulty. There are specific .dwl migration files available to be used with Hyperterminal (Xmodem). Get these from your disti. You will see that depending from which FW you are updating, you will need to load specfic files.

Also note that once you have updated to R71, you cannot back down to a previous version of firmware. (I personally think it is due to a change in the bootloader)




Newb with a FS20 and I want to upgrade the FW to 7.1 from 6.6. Are there any step-by-step AT commands or a tool that does it for you. I get lost on the BOOT part. Any help would be great.



Hi guys,

To put it simply, any Q26 family product can be upgraded to R71 by downloading 2 files. (Using Hyperterminal)

  1. dwl_port.dwl
  2. migration_R71_00_full_xxxxxx.dwl

Ask your disti for the right files. (Make sure to specify that you need the migration files for FW 6.6X





so, Tyrone…

If I use a FS20 with 6.63 and want to upgrade it to 7.1 (I’m using it as a “modem” only)

are those two files the only thing I need to upload ?

and do I have to use a terminal ? eg. not use dwlwin !

Best regards



Hi Anders,

If you want to upgrade your unit you need only those two files if you are upgrading from firmware 6.6x. In your case seeing as you are using it as a modem, I wouldn’t worry about upgrading unless you are experiencing problems.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” :smiley: