Uprgrading to Firmware R71


I’m facing problems when trying to upgrade my Fastrack Supreme with firmware R71. DWLWin is unable to connect to the modem.
Using the Hyperterminal, i received “Error in header” when trying to upload the file dwl.dwl or R71xxxfsu002.dwl .

I’m trying to make the Hello Worl sample working properly without success since 3 days. I’m disapointed because of this problem. It exists a lot of problem just for a sample code. (Firmware and IDE not compatible…that’s amazing…)

Thank’s in advance for any answer !!! I really need your help!



Following the following procedure can upgrade the firmware to R71

  1. start the DWLWin v4.1.6.6.exe(from wavecom website), and press the connect(note: the fastrack is powered off).
  2. ground the boot pin with 10k resistor(the manual said connect to 1.8v, but I tried and doesn’t help, I get this information from another thread in this forum).
  3. connected the fastrack to the power.

then the fastrack supreme will enter the bootloader mode and connect to the DWL Win.
then you can download the R7.1a_01-cus-q26-01.wpk(you can get it from the wavecom website) to the fastrack supreme. then the firmware is upgraded.

Good luck!


Ground the boot pin(a tricky job) will make the fastrack supreme enter the bootloader mode when powered on(only in this mode can talk to DWL Win), but it only stay in this mode for a very short time, someone said just 1 or 2 second, it’s why we need to get everything in the DWL Win ready before powered on(1.selcet the upgrading file *.wpk, only this file is necessary. 2 press start or connect(I can’t remember exactly but you know what I mean)), so the DWL Win will keep send connect signal to the board until an connection is built when the supreme is powered on and enter the bootloader mode.

It’s sad that wavecom doesn’t document it very clear.

you will get the information about how to update the firmware with DWL Win from this document RN_Open_AT_Firmware_R7.1a_Preliminary_Customer_Release_Note.pdf

except that ground the boot pin and the exact procedure. believe me, I did it many times for Fastrack Supreme 10 thanks to helps from this forum and the distributor.

Thank’s for your response! It’s very clear!
I had found all the informations but I had difficulties to put them all together.

I think it’s sad that there isn’t a clear documentation on that subject ( or it’s very difficult to find it!!!)
The other problem it’s that we have to reach a pin on the serial connector in order to connect it to ground. An adapted connector would have been appreciate.

I think that your answer could be added to the FAQ…




Where can i find info aboute latest firmware rel. ?

Where can i download the files (for windwl)

Best regards


The Wavecom website doesn’t provide a lot of information about firmware release… :imp:

It seems that the best solution is to contact your local distributor. He is the only one who can send you the files to upgrade your modem.

There is a lack of information from Wavecom on this subject… :imp:

I hope your distributor will help you!



only R7.1a_01-cus-q26-01.wpk is need to upgrade to the R71a.
of course you need the download tool Win DWL.

both can be download from wavecom website(login).


That’s false if the firmware currently loaded in the the modem is a 6.6x.
I assumed that was the case for anders.fromell because it was my problem, and this file doesn’t work in this case.

Moreover I really do think that the local distributors can provide a better support than Wavecom.




Yepp, I’m now using 6.63

I want to test a newer rel. thus I encounter some problems when I testing
the max thruput of the modem. It drops the connection. ??

yong, you say’s that the firmeware can be downloaded from wavecom’s site, WHERE ???
PLZ send a link… maybe I’m stupid, but i cant find it…

Best regards


If you use firmware 3.63, the procedure given by yong won’t work.

You must ask your distributor for the correct .dwl files and then upload it with HyperTerminal…



I upgrade the firmware from 6.63c.
hi konsultnisse,
www.wavecom.com then login(important)
go to product, then choose Fastrack Supreme wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … ck_Supreme
go to download wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … ck_Supreme
expand all: you willl see many files which can be downloaded

you can see R7.1a_01-cus-q26-01.wpk and DWLWin v4.1.6.6.exe.
(open AT Software Suite->software Development kit->Official Release)

you can give a go to upgrade the firmware(R7.1a_01-cus-q26-01.wpk) with DWLWin v4.1.6.6.exe.
as Filippi said, may it doesn’t work.

Good Luck

I see yong answered your question but I’d like to understand what Wavecom can do to make it easier to find the firmware (and other support files). So, what is wrong in the website user interface:

  1. The download tab is not obvious
  2. The download tab was obvious but the subsequent folder structure was not obvious
  3. The download tab was obvious but it was not obvious that you had to log in to be able to download
  4. You didn’t expect to have to download the Software Suite to get the firmware component
  5. Something else

And should this be fixed by:

  1. Simple structural change?
  2. Q&A?
  3. Knowledge base?
  4. Other?

Hi Jamie,

one thing I know for sure: if you are on a website, and you write a box named “Search…” something like “open at firmware q2687 download”, you should be taken to the download page for that firmware. Period.

Many times, you now the name of the thing you need to download, but the search funcionality as it is implemented now is simply useless.


It would also be nice if your release notes and firmware updates where fitting together. Here im thinking about the fact that in the release note you (wavecom) describe that one needs to download a certain dwl_port.dwl file into the modem to be able to upgrade to R7.2, however this file is not to be found anywhere, so how should i upgrade my Q2687H module from the 663 release?