Firmware Update Supreme 10

Does anyone know how to update the firmware on these Fastrack Supreme 10’s???
I just got 5 of these modems, and all have firmware the is incompatible with DWL files compiled with the SDK I downloaded from Wavecom’s website!! My distributor only provided a link to Wavecom’s website. :frowning:

I got the DWL Win (ver tool but it just times out and says “Boot Failure: cannot connect with target” if I select Q2686/Q2687 CPU type. With AutoDetect, it just times out with “Cannot boot up the remote target: autodetection failed.”

Is there any other way to do this?
Why do they not provide the correct firmware and SDK with the modem???

Hi Spock!

I have exactly the same problem, and no solution at the moment.
It’s amazing that the firmware isn’t adapted with the SDK!
I hope that if we are a lot to ask, WaveCom will give us an answer! I’m waiting for it since 3 days and my project is stopped.



I am still unable to upgrade the firmware. We simply will not be using these Wavecom devices in the future. A PC-CARD modem with a small embeeded PC does the same job without stupid firmware problems.


Apperantly there exists a document: “Firmware upgrade procedure (Ref. WM_SW_GEN_UGD_001)”. Its referred to in the Fast track supreme user guide (WA_DEV_Fastrk_UGD_001), which can be found on the Fast track supreme downloads page under Hardware documentation/Specifikations and user guides.

But I have not been able to find the upgrade procedure. Might the upgrade procedure be something alike the download process described in “Fastrack Supreme Wireless CPU® Development Kit Quick Guide (WA_DEV_Fastrk_UGD_019)”? This document is also found on Fast Track Supreme’s downloads page under “Hardware documentation/Development Kit User Guide”.

The guide describes how to use HyperTerminal to download the program needed for the IESM IO+USB+GPS board.

Regards Magnus

(ps: I find it hard to find documentation on wavecoms webside. it took me some days to figure out that I had to download the openat sw suite to obtain the newest at commands user interface.)


I have the same problem, I believe.

The WAvecom documentation all have a section with references to other documents and I have founfd the references to WM_SW_GEN_UGD_001. They seem to have a really wonderfull way of defining the cross references to documents so it is possible to see which document you need, but there is then no way to search for the document number on the site.

With all the cross references a simple search by document number would be really helpfull.

Yes - absolutely!