Need help for Fastrack Supreme 10


Hi, i have Fastrack Supreme 10 (WM20392). I try to uprgrade firmware on modem with DwlWin, which I download from sierra and firmware (R7-43-0-201003261552-cus-q26-02.wpk). Did everything as in the instructions RN_Open_AT_Firmware_R7.2_Release_Note (page 12). DwlWin after download sayd what all OK.
On start hyper terminal says:
on at+wdwl?
sayd +WDWL: V08b0j
on other commands say ERROR
What it could be?


Can anybody help me?

I’m going crazy with this device already…


Have you spoken to your Distributor :question:


This modem bought another organization and we do not know who it is…