Firmware version compatibility

I have a “brand new” Supreme Fastrack 10 and have just downloaded the latest development software from the website. The firmware version for the development kit appears to be 7.2 while the firmware version loaded on the Fastrack is 6.63. Is this going to cause me any problems because I cannot even run the Hello_World demo (in RTE mode) as described in the tutorial (I get an ARM Data Abort error).

You need to update the firmware in your Supreme Fastrack 10 before you can run your new program, or download an older development kit that matches the existing firmware. To update your firmware from 6.x to 7.x, I think Wavecom released a PDF describing the steps ypu need to take. Poke around in the downloads section.

I’ll try upgrading the firnware, when I can get the DWL Win application to run!!!

It is in the Wavecom website

Fastrack Supreme --> Downloads --> Tools --> DWL WIN

No go - I can’t get any of the 4 versions of the DWL Win downloader to work (see my other post). Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!!

Cant the supreme fasttrack also update firmware like q24 series using AT+WDWL ?
The AT+WDWL doesnt require the BOOT PIN which u need for DWL WIN loader

search for AT+WDWL in this forum for more information.
Hope this helps.

Don’t worry - I got a new Fastrack Supreme with the latest firmware already on it.