Firmware Download Error

I am trying to download the latest 6.61 firmware (C61b_q2687h.dwl) provided with the released Open AT v4.11 into a Q2686 that is currently running firmware:

660_09gg.Q2686H 1952244 030806 18:53

However, when I initiate a AT+WDWL and try and initiate a 1K XMODEM send from Hyperterm (version 5.1 on Windows XP), I get the following error message


followed by a bunch of garbage characters and the file download terminates.

This happens with both of the Q2686 modules that I received with the dev kit. I have never loaded any applications into the modules and I have tried stopping any potential applications using AT+WOPEN=0

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can upgrade my firmware, so I can start using the latest release?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Apparently, the version of downloader in the firmware that was already in the CPU was incompatible with the one I was trying to download. According to Wavecom release notes for the firmware v6.61, I first downloaded the new downloader (dwl.dwl) and after CPU reset was able to download the new firmware.

You have Q2686H or Q2686F module? With my dev KIT i’v got Q2686F module, wich OS cannot be upgraded.

The part merely states: “Model: Q2686”. However, the last letter in the bar code is indeed “H” and I have been using memory type “H” firmware for my development projects with no apparent problems, so I assume I have a Q2686H.